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  WEE-WEE SICK 06/16/2019 10:41am (UTC)

OCTOBER 2011-2012 I feel like every time I Drink water or juice’ suddenly I need to go to the C.R(wee-wee) after to go there in C.R(wee-wee) I feel it again many times, (20+ in a day) every time I need to sleep I want to go to the C.R(wee-wee) 6-7 times and even the time of sleep. It’s so hard, after to C.R (wee-wee) I feel it again to go there, I want to go to the doctor but I have no money to do that; my parents has no job…. My father say that if I have a work save the money to use and consult the doctor first but now I have no job. I want to consult the doctor but how?????????  I avoid drinking more water but still the same I need C.R (wee-wee)…. I don’t know what to do… Promise. I always pray to god…. I need CT scan or ultra sound to know the result or medicine why I feel this…. I still looking for a job to help myself first…… I avoid too much drinking_ but I need always to go there in C.R (wee-wee)….many times! It’s hard for me….!



(Due to my condition Wee-Wee Sick)


(With no particular Order)



>I apply in the Agency in Cabuyao but the problem is I need to wee-wee after I go back in agency I need again to wee-wee. I go outside.


>I go to the Alabang, at this time I’m in here at the BUS so I need to wee-wee. I hate this life. I need to wee-wee duper.


>I go to the Company, then I pass my resume after of waiting in interview, I need to go in the CR to wee-wee, I go it 5 times other applicant says that “are you nervous” I said “no”.


>I apply in Agency but this Agency is not want to use the CR in other applicant. I want to wee-wee this time.


>I apply in Agency in Sta Rosa, I get in at 8am so I feel not good, and I need to wee-wee duper. After to go in the C.R to wee-wee I feel it again. The manager says that “Is there any problem Ms. Mylene”. I said “no”.


>I apply in Calamba, I pass the resume but there’s a lot of applicant, I don’t know where is that C.R so I go to the mall to wee-wee then I go back in the Agency my name not call at this time but I need to C.R again to wee-wee. I want to die this time! I don’t drink too much.


>I’m here at the jeep I drop down in the Jollibee to wee-wee then I ride on the jeep again so I need to feel again to wee-wee so I drop in MCDO to go the C.R to wee-wee.


>I apply in Company in Biñan so I waiting for the interview, I go to the C.R four times to wee-wee. I want to cry. But I’m failed in interview.


>I apply in the Agency in Alabang, I need to go in the C.R to wee-wee after 10mins I feel it again so I go back in the C.R to wee-wee.


>I apply in Mall in Sta Rosa, I’m waiting for 2 hours I go to the C.R to wee-wee after this I feel it again. I need to go home.


>I apply in Cabuyao, I get in the Agency, but I need to wee- wee after this I feel it again. So I go back to C.R to wee-wee. I take the exam, I feel it again to wee-wee.


>I apply in Companies and lot of Agency, I experience to back out, and I walk to cry because to this condition.. I don’t care if people see me that I’m crying. I feel it many times in my life. It’s so hard for me.


>I go to the Company in Calamba, I’m waiting for exam but before and after to take the exam I go to the C.R to wee-wee, I go to C.R 8 times in that time, until my name call and say that I’m not hired in this company.


>I apply in Sta Rosa Company, I pass in Exam but in interview I’m failed, others applicant pass to interview.


>I apply in Company in Sta Rosa but the Exam is in the Municipality of Sta Rosa, so I’m passing in Exam... You know what I go to C.R 5 times.




I experience a lot, to back out/walk out just because of my problem, wee-wee sick. I feel feel again, it’s so hard for me because I had feel pain in my right side of my waist; I nevermore think again. I always think positive not negative, this is the reason why I’m still searching for a job to help myself first. I don’t think what have el situation, coz I know these back into the normal.











                          (STILL REMAIN YEAR 2013)      


I had a job this year January to September 2013, all of people in my work see me to go outside every minute/every hour; to go in the C.R and I want to help myself to solve this type of problem, I think it is an ordinary Urinary Tract Infections (U.T.I)/Bladder or in Kidneys Failure; but until now I take medication the anti-bacteria medicine. I don’t know what to do. HELP ME GOD/JESUS & MAMA MARY. THANKS


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