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  SCHOOL 2 06/16/2019 10:46am (UTC)



My high school life was full of memories. Laugh trips, joy, sadness, fears and tears, everything was worth a memory. I might not have the extra ordinary high school life, like those in the movies, still, it was fun! Every memory is a lesson, every mistake taught us another lessons. I learned from each others’ failures and flaws, and that is a good thing. The success of one is the success of everyone.

Indeed, I thank Kapayapaan-HS, for giving me opportunities, though, they were little, still, one way or another, it had helped me to developed our personalities and explore more about ourselves. I were so complainant about this and that, mostly about the rules and regulations and the activities but no matter how I hate it is already embed in my mind, body and soul, that once in my life I had been a kapayapaan students and will always be.

Now, I will be entering the cruel world outside, I were now equipped, if not totally, at least quite, with deadly weapons that would help me survive the world outside.

I have a long journey to go! Strive hard and be the best you can be come. I’m not forgetting to look back to where I am started. This is the time to achieve my dreams and goals! Remember, there is no impossible in this world outside! Thank you for the memories! It’s worth cherishing!



College life presents many challenges for incoming students. High school life and college life are like salt and sugar. They look alike but, in fact, they totally differ in taste.  I was so excited that I had completed my high school and I was going to have a new life. At the same time, I felt sad that all of us were separated as we would advance our studies at different places. I had made several discussions before the graduation. I had a lot of questions such as “Where are you going to study?”, “What major are you going to take?”, and “Are you going to study abroad?” Upon attending college for about one month, I have found that I enjoy being a college student more than being a high school student.

In this short amount of time, I have seen that more freedom is allowed to students in college than in high school as far as most of the important decision-making is concerned. Choices like schedules, time, and class selection are a few examples of how college is less restrictive than high school. Because of this educational freedom and having more control over my education, I find being a college student more enjoyable than being a high school student. I still remember when I was a kid playing with my dolls. I still remember how life was so easy with no stress; I did not have to worry about school, courses, homework to submit on time, and tests to take. Here, I ‘am just graduated from high school and moved to college to start my freshmen year. High school was like a pleasant dream. I made many friends and enjoyed my time while at high school. I felt extremely bad for the friends I left behind. Can anyone believe how time goes by so fast? Yes, time flies and years pass by like a glimpse of the eye; so quick that I keep wandering how life is short. A major portion of one’s life is spent behind the doors of classrooms; whether in the elementary, high school and college.

To move from high school to college is the most challenging time for my life. It is exciting for some, but remains challenging for many others of I should say the majority of high school students who choose to move to college. COLLEGE was divided into many groups. Some students liked to look like nerds, others adored to be called plastics, but I’m not one of them. To begin with there are many ways in which the attitudes of the teachers in High School differ from the attitudes of the teachers in College. In High School, teachers seemed to be stricter and have more rules for the students to follow. There is an everyday time schedule for students to go by. Students go through drama in high school which some cannot get out of. Attendance is very important in High School as well as in College. Many teachers enforce it while others do not in both college and high school. I have noticed that it is the student’s responsibility to come to class. I believe that the students should be mature enough to make their own decision on whether to attend class or not and leave it to them to make that decision. When I’m graduates from High School, a sense of maturity comes in them.

The more prepared a person is to face the differences and similarities of high school to college. That time when I was a college student, the most exciting and important period in my life is get a lot of experiences of basic knowledge, requirement for university enrollment and human life. That’s why I prepared to become a good student. Most people don’t know about people collect experience of life in college years. I learned to love people, participate in social life and make decisions. Of course that love is not the love of a couple, it is the love of my family, my classmates and furthermore all people of the world. In other words, I learned to help people and respect them. It’s just one part of social life. Also to learn how to make decisions by my own is very important because after graduation from college I learned that everyone has strength and weakness in their life.

A person is strong when courage, strength and mental thought support him/her while he/she is doing what he/she likes. Weakness is another part, which shows when his courage, strength or mental thought holds him/her back while he/she is trying to do something. I had the weakness of taking revenge with the other person. This could have become strength when it was directed to positive side but I directed my thought of revenge to negative side. In my case the revenge and anger in my heart and mind directed me to become the worst person I could think of. I think if I try to take revenge without thinking of its consequences, it would harm for me, but if I use it for good, I will benefit from it in the end. My college life is full of experiences and filled with numerous memories of friends, good times, and bad, but sometimes what I think is not how it is. Time management is one of the things that I need to learn in order to survive in college.


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