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  OTHER EXPERIENCE 06/16/2019 10:54am (UTC)


Others Experiences:

>When I go to the mall, there’s always some my past boy ‘friends will start conversation with me. Eventually he say’s things like, you’re so beautiful but where???? He laughs… And I’ll be like, excuse me?  How many girls have you said this before??? Look yourself in the mirror…..It’s fake.

>I have one friend who has the greatest style. She just puts things together in a way that I never would have though to—like dresses over jeans or sneakers with really fancy pants. Sometimes I’ll be at store and see something that reminds me of what she wears, but I don’t get it because I don’t want her to think that I’m copying her style.

>One time my classmate in college criticized me on what I was wearing. She said that I looked ugly in it. I reacted by telling her to shut up and go away. I felt horrible, ugly, hurt, and angry all at once. I tried to hold in all my emotions, and all the hurt turned to hate. I hated her.

>When I was in first year College, that time I was looking for my classmate, then suddenly I saw a girl who’s hair length is just like my classmate’ even her body figure and complexion. Maybe because of excitement that I felt that time I hold her hand… Gosh! When I looked at her face, she just smiled... Oh no! I was wrong and all I did is apologize and run away from her.

>I was walking down to second floor, when one girl told me that my zipper was down, I’m very shy and I try to hold my composure and just told her” Thank you…hehehe!

>It’s college graduation ball I decided not go to graduation ball because; I think no one can offer dance with me, because that also happened to me when I was high school.

>I think I’m late to class. I mistakenly enter the other room. I walk very fast, says the teachers ... Why are you late? I said ... I'm sorry ma'am. I’m wrong.

>I fell down in the stair near the library, when I was falling; I tried to hold on to something. Accidentally I grabbed a guy’s polo and ripped of his polo’s button.

>One time, we were waiting for our Physic teacher. When she was already 30 minutes late, I decided to influence my 2 classmate to leave the room and go downstairs. The time was somewhat boring because it’s almost lunchtime. She was late.

>we are having agreement with our play together with two of my characters in the scene, one seated in my front and another in my right side. As I explain the sequence my hands kept on making gestures to emphasize something. Accidentally, when I moved my hands, it accidentally rested on his hand and oh my… we are both shocked coz, I really touched it, but I didn’t mean it… PROMISE!!

>I have a friend who is sometimes good to talk to, but gets easily distracted. You’ll be talking to her and all of a sudden she’ll start talking about something else or she’ll be watching on TV and all of sudden she’ll start laughing and Ill realize she’s just not listening to me.

>I’ve met my best friend’s cousin at least six times. The second time we were introduced by someone, I said “oh we’ve met before,” but I felt like there wasn’t even flicker of recognition in her eyes. She can never remember my name, even now. My friend swears her cousin is just bad with names, but it still makes me feel like she’s blowing me off. Now I really don’t like her.

>I decided to tell my friend who my crush was, and right after she found out, she started flirting with him- even if she didn’t really like him. Now they’re an item, and I swear, I will never trust her with a secret like that again.

>I had this classmate who spoke in an irritating way. We all knew she grew up in the Philippines, but she kept putting on this really weird accent every time she spoke. Sometimes, she’d even say” can you not converse with me in TAGALOG? Can’t you see I speak in English?” What a fraud!

>I remember when I and my family and cousin go there in a dance party in my cousin wedding, I’m the one person will not step in the ground of people dancing because no one can say to me “can I dance with you” no one can say that to me’ but my cousins and sister more more offer hands to dance.


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