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  NEW START 2013 06/16/2019 11:40am (UTC)



(But not- New ME, NEW LIFE & NEW FRIEND=not) 






Today is my new job, it feels odd...because I miss my co-workers in Enchanted Kingdom but I had a past experience that time when I’m working there…! Let’s talk about new start 2013……but not new me, new life & new friend. It’s a big Question Why???

Sometimes I dream about a person who can just talk to me. Someone with whom I will be speaking for a long time about everything in the world. Someone who will be really interested in communication with me. I know to myself that  It’s hard for me to communicate with other people because of my condition, I don’t know what to do??? Some people tease me for what I have, but I’m not affect; I don’t care about other people say, I have no friends, and don’t know if friendship actually exists, or if it’s a virtual concept. I know to myself that I fulfill my own goal/dreams, for those people who backstab me, Thank You! I support all of you because your job to discrete about people life…..right??? I know all your names…….judge me if you will…..!


I love my new job now; finally after 2 years I had a job now, starting in my mind??? What if my co-workers hate me? Or simply starting confront of me….? But it’s different my past work experience in Enchanted Kingdom, some of co-workers in Enchanted Kingdom, bully_tease me, stab me in my back, laugh about me and they create a wrong story about me…. I’ll be thankful and I love them because, I’m strong woman, never give up and not affect for those people try me to take me down….! I laugh….hahahahahaha!

APRIL 2013

The days past by; I’m honestly say that I’m not happy with my work, is not just because some of my co-workers hate me, first I want this work; but everyday come past by, I feel super boring! I’m entitled to experience the word “BULLY” since when I was elementary, high school, college, and with my work; I experience this word…! I’m very hurt because, Why Me???????? Why????? One time my co-workers’ spilled to jerk in that group to draw or write any want to paste in the back, write something funny or even to draw funny pictures, I’m not join with their joking, then the one woman, write a funny word in a guy, so people see and laugh because he had a paper strap/stump in the back, after this they pass in my back, so I walk at the pathway, go to C.R, but I’m pine think up why people laugh at my back’ why? People talk about paper strap/stump, so after; I go back to my area. My co-workers in my group cariza, take away that paper……! So I know whose people paste it in my back, funny??????? After that day, they back to usual joking again a new day, one woman draw my face in paper strap/stump, then she say that “mhai let’s go to canteen, you can join with me” but the truth is she put a paper strap/stump in my back, for people would laugh every time I walk in the pathway……! I go to C.R and everywhere I go, but that probably I have a bad one paper in my back, with am face draw with a curly hair and more pimples………! I mad of that woman, for all people know that woman is a mother???? But she’s acting like a brat child……and especially with her co-workers or a friends group who’d know about what she’s doing???! Whatever! people do to me, fine…! They laugh about me, talk about something funny about me, fine! Tease me, fine….! I want to say…. THANK YOU! I’m not to fall down to his/her level… this people is innocent angel slybide to act but the truth is a coward people..hahaha.! Insecure…. :p I keep to high road and make to shine….that basher,,, someday become Envious, Angry, Competitive,Pessimistic and Insecure. Bwahahahah.!!!!!! For all of you who talk about me thanks for making me the center of your world.


I feel Happy at the same time Moody; hehehe... Those of my co-workers but not at all of my co-workers; negative, unworthy, and fake people. I let them all move into my bubble and cloud it with a dark and trash it all up. Now I’ m saying get out! I won't let you define me and I don't care if you don't like me, some of them are talk behind my back, laugh and they create a wrong story, gossipers also. Honestly, I hate gossips! I'm not that same insecure woman; I’m moving forward and taking things one day at a time. I will be who I’ am and be appreciated by people who admire who I’ am. You can leave my bubble now ) don’t like me? Good for you, because I don't like you either. Plain and simple, I don't care what any of you think of me. Hehehe! This is something I need to repeat every time anyone judges me as not to their "standards" of how I should be. Anyone who snubs me. Anyone who ignores me for no reason. All I try to do is be a nice person. A thoughtful person. A person who cares. A person who is unique and I’m not afraid to show it. I will never conform. I’m NOT a follower and never will be. If that is not fine and dandy, then I don't need or want you in my life. I’m very happy with my life right now. I love where I’ am. Also the bullying has slowed down. But I still get bullied sometimes. I wish that people would stop. But anyways, I love my life. I have spent most of my life trying to make people happy and trying to make people like me, I discovered this is a waste of time, now I only have to be happy with myself and I feel a Lot happier and freer. I have morals. Very strong morals for myself and my life. I treat others how I want to be treated and don't judge anyone. I’ am not perfect by any means but I do my best to stick by my morals in life. There are so many other sins that I can forgive and forget, and also that I can't. Everything needs a reason for it to happen.  The last thing I’ am going to say is I’ am happy (a little but not totally happy) with my work. 





All of them are my co-workers, since when I was stay in my work January to September 2013_ but others can’t stay along. I have a lot of co-workers but I don’t know who they are. I don’t know their names.

(I’ am resigning my job because I have 5 reasons; why I quit this job.) 

Joan- Mae- Ricka- Yvet- Vanessa- Faye- Joana- Jam- Rochelle- Anna- Jenny- Aira- Sheila- Aika- Jm- Jinky+ Joyce- Anna- Kyra- Michelle= Michelle- Jovy- Airene= Russel- Leah+ Shean- Lynrose- Kris+ Krissa- Bethy= Kris- Lynlyn- Mhy- Lourdes- Jhoan- Cuts- Jane- Ivy- Helen- Ella- Jessy- Jen- Jinky- Rada- Karen- Faye- Jam- She- Ritchel- Eric- Ocel- Jho- Rea- Mj- Lorna- Karen+ Leah- Michelle- Renalyn- Marcelo- Angel- Menchie- Rael- Cynthia- Ely- CeL- Ems- Inday- Bunso- Linda- Mel- Jovie- Brin- Rose+ Rose- Liza- Madel- Remelyn- Angel- Ria- Mayla- Kate- Julie+ Julie- Vane- Maan- Dinah- Janet- Marj- Gemma- April- Rajan- Cariza, Karen+ Pham- Wilboure- Jeremy- Jack- Mhakiz- Aiko- Jhaz- Eley- Jane+ Job- Pia- Neslyn- Nicka- Bageng- Helen+ Emman- Myles- Estef- Quennie- Noemie=

All of them is not my totally Friend? Best friends? True friends? Close friends? I say, “NO” why???? I don’t know about him/her real life, attitude, at the same time they’re not extremely close. I don’t call them as a friend?? I call them as a “Co-workers? But not friend” for me it not easy to find the real friends? Some of my friends will come and go??? Always bid goodbye. I’m not searching for perfection! Would you accept me, for who I am??? How can I be your friend, if you’re far in me? Do you think we will see each other again?! Of course, I need a new friend in different than a habitual whiner, must be positive… Be open, honest, and real…! Someone with whom we can share openly about our deepest issues and feelings. For all my co-workers previous’ I Hope someday, some of you_ not at all; we became friends?? I want good friends in my life? Lifetime…..; I enjoy myself and I hope one day I will find lots of good friends around me, go back to social life, hang out with friends and talk to each other!

Take note:

I’m not force myself to someone who doesn’t like me.



Sis’ E.LANA- She’s Beautiful inside and out. She’s Smart, Industrious, Serious, Respectable, Faithful Person and Joyous Person. She’s one of the Lead Person’ She’s very Friendly! She has been there for others through the good times and the bad and has never given up. She’s Nice and She’s Helpful person.  

Sis’ Layla- She’s Kind and Beautiful Woman. She’s Lanky, Sexy, Super Hardworking, Smart, Helpful person, Lively Person and She’s one of the Lead Person, that time that we’re talking about my real life she understand and listen to me; sometimes she’s ill-tempered person.



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