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Do you have a boyfriend?” my classmates asked me and I answered them, “No, since birth”. Upon hearing my answer, they were shocked. I was bewildered with their expression. What is wrong with having no boyfriend? Is having a boyfriend the most recent fashion trend that everyone should try it? Is it essential to have someone walk us home, buy us snacks, or give us gifts when it is our birthday or Valentine’s Day? My answer will be a big NO. Having no boyfriend in my age doesn’t mean something is wrong with me or no one has ever courted me, this is what I prefer and what I desire while I’m still studying.


People who are in a relationship told me that having someone special gives inspiration and happiness. Yes, it’s true but not all the time and having a boyfriend is not the sole measure of happiness and inspiration. For me, it only gives inspiration when the couple enjoys each others company, they are happy together and their relationship is going smoothly. But in a relationship we can’t deny the fact that it’s not all happiness. In a relationship there are problems, misunderstandings, and quarrels that we can’t avoid. That’s the time where the so called “sweet relationship” becomes sour and bitter. For that reason it can affect the individual’s studies and health. The affected person will be physically present in school but mentally absent since he or she will be thinking of their relationship’s problem. There is also a possibility that he or she will be skipping meals.


That’s the reason why I don’t want to be in a relationship while I’m still studying. It’s just a hindrance or destruction for me to acquire high grades and exceed in all my subjects.


There is always a right time for everything.


For me the precise moment for love is when an individual is ready, prepared and all set for the real world outside. Next time when someone asks me the same question, I will be answering them with a smile and say “It’s my choice. Single and available is much more fun. That will prevent them from asking the same question again.









Falling in love? Me? Duh……Never!” That is my usual statement when people would ask me about having a boyfriend and being in love. I never thought that I would_eat up my own words. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t go into dates or intimate relationships. I much prefer studying and reading books over gallivanting. My studies were always on top of my priority list. In fact, if I just snap my fingers guys would go scurrying my way; but the problem is I never had any plans for that.


I met s.a w/ tati house at starosa Laguna. I wasn’t really attracted to him. Things turned negative between the two of us and. I thought that was the last sight of him, the following days, he again pursed me until we became friends. At first I was hesitant. Questions started rising on my mind. What does he really want? Does he really like me? Is he playing around? Is he serious with me? These are the question that started bothering me and making me confuse. But then, I allowed him to court me.


The courtship wasn’t like what we call a ‘normal process’. At first, I was so irritated, but weird as it may seem, as days passed by, I’m starting to like what he is doing. Hmmmmp Wait, I know what’s on your mind; hehehehe….! He was bossy, demanding and protective but I still liked him. Funny, after a month, we ultimate became very close. He was always open with me regarding his feelings, his thoughts, and his ideas.


I acknowledged that openness. We always fight for small things (like what lovers do); always argue over simple issues because we have contradicting views. As I evaluate myself, I realized I’m already falling with him. I told him how I felt, funny, he had doubts. We always quarrel through text messaging, and then later on would get back together. One night, just like any other days and nights, we had a fight. The issue was again about me. He said he never believes in every single word I say, especially how I felt. I was defensive. How could someone just tell me like that? I’m pretty sure at how I feel- that I do love him, and there’s no point on denying that. I answered back saying that he had always doubts on me and did he ever thought that I also have plenty of doubts on him? He answered back saying that I’m ashamed of him and never was proud of him. I was mad’ I know sooner or later I could erupt like a volcano. After so many months past, the same night, he said he doesn’t want to continue anymore. How could he want to end what we have started when everything seems to be alright now? But I guess, the fate had other plans for me. When the God of destiny intrude ones life, no matter how you try to be with the person you love, sooner or later you’ll have to separate ways. For how fast we were together, that was how fast we broke up. I was hurt, so badly hurt. I went to my room, locked the door and cried. I could no longer contain all my feelings so tears started pouring down my face. I guess I was so caught up in my own emotions that I failed to notice that he is lost and that he has to find himself first. I just have to accept the reality and the truth that he has to find himself first. I know, after this, ill find it difficult to move on. My first time to fall in love and I never thought that it could hurt like hell. Once I gave a piece of me to somebody, it will take a long time for me to recover, and I really mean a long time.


I have to be my usual self again-my studies on top of my priorities and dating? It would have to settle on the bottom part of my list. Will I become a man hater? You can never tell.


“When I fell in love I realized no one can give me such happiness like him yet time taught me the worst of all pains no one could inflict like him….”


“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”




Thank you for kindness, care and love. I’m very thank full that I found you in my life…


You make me happy so much... thank you & iloveyou w/ all my heart no matter what happen...

I may regret the way we ended., but I will never regret what we had., thanks 4 everything ,for coming into my life., for all the joy and pain that we’ve shared., for being my partner.,., I will always treasure you in my heart.,! 








Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. (Indeed)



                        I want a man who (in no particular order)


I want a guy who wants to spend alone time with me, that doesn’t include sex.


I want a guy who isn’t chatting up women every time I’m not around.


I want a guy who is honest about anything and everything


I want a guy who won’t cheat on me.


I want a guy who tells the truth even when it is the most difficult thing to do.


I want a guy who believes me when I say that it is over if he ever cheats on me, and has no intention of testing the theory.


I want a guy who genuinely respects me, values my opinions and feelings.


I want a guy...


Who would never be afraid to say "I love you."


I want a guy who makes me feel special.


I want a guy who cares about my day and asks me how I am and let’s me know if he's missed me.


I want a guy who loves me, for who I am and everything about me.


I want a guy who shows respect.


I want a guy who doesn’t take me for granted.


I want a guy who will be there for me.


I want a guy who isn’t made up of excuses.


I want a guy who is willing to sometimes sacrifice and compromise.


I want a guy who isn’t a coward.


I want a guy who is himself and doesn’t put on an act around me.


I want a guy who doesn’t make every personal aspect of our relationship public to all of his friends.


I want a guy who can keep secrets.


I want a guy who is polite to everyone.


I want a guy who loves to travel.


I want a guy who for once will finally act upon what he says he will do…and keep promises.


I want a guy who is very intelligent and family-oriented.


I want a guy who is faithful & god-fearing!


I want a guy who recognizes my strengths and believes in me more than I believe in myself.


I want a guy...


Who would love taking pictures of us and every one of them would be just a memory of a good time that we would never want to forget


I want a guy...


Someone who make fun of me jusy to make me laugh.


But I really want a guy...


Who would we stand at the altar and say our vows and from that moment on we would love each other and grow old together.


I want to unite my life with a person with whom my life will be filled with harmony and will be exciting and interesting at the same time. So I hope that my future husband will be the loving man and he will be a good partner for me in my life. (Preferable age: from 25 to 50). I want to have relationship with an older man, who can be an adviser, a defender and obviously the loving man, who I will give all my love and attention.



I believe honesty is extremely important in relationships, and I’m sure you’ve heard things like ‘Love is blind’ and ‘Love makes you do stupid things’ well you have not me ‘but I’m not to say that every one in love is stupid or blind. hehe


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