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  LIFE CYCLE 2013 06/16/2019 11:33am (UTC)

I can honestly say that 2% of my life has been boring! That doesn't mean that I haven't been doing something, work or hobbies - it's just the routine is so boring! Everyday cannot be exciting! And that's the bummer because all my pre-adult life I was gearing up for it! But it is not my fault or anyone else' just is; I’m happy 98% of my life. Why??? I try not to think negative. I like to change the way I think of myself..! PROMISE. Sometimes I just want to be myself when I’ am bothered about something, because at that time’ I think I can’t explain anyone what I’ am going through and they will not understand what I’ am going through. I just want to be left alone with no one bothering me! I don’t like to share my thoughts sometimes in other people or my past co-workers; why?? I just keep it to myself. I keep my thoughts and feeling to myself and bury them inside of me (if that makes any sense??) people say that’s not a good thing to do but most people don’t understand what I’m going through and so I keep to myself. All of people have a private personality and problem. Right??? Besides, if I can't solve it and can't even understand my own problem; I don't think another people will understand it enough. I hate talking about what is bothering me. I try not to let my emotions show through. I put up a wall and don't let anyone in. There is only one person that I feel that I can actually trust to open myself up to. I still don't talk about feelings though. If something is bothering me, I just keep it inside and try to forget about it. It is hard at times especially if it is really bugging me, but I just try to avoid a situation where it could come up.




I want to leave the house and go to somewhere place that so exciting; is not just because of the word “MAD/ANGRY” the truth is no, I’m not mad of any member of my Family; I want to leave just because I want to step up my own feet. I want to fulfill my dreams/goal in life. I want to help my Parents financially, I will bring back their good deed to me, all success in life is for my family, I love my family first than myself.. I want to prove to all Gossiper as well as Backstabber’s people who will talk at my back and negative thinking that you’re all wrong. I want to work harder to achieve my goal in my life. I believe in myself and God should always here us no matter what…! My family understands for my decision…! I will never ever give up….!


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