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  IN MY OWN WORDS 2 06/16/2019 11:20am (UTC)

If someone was to put there phone number on here and ask…” I am lonely and need someone to talk to? “…would u call? I would send them a message but I would not call them.

Do you think this saying is true every man has his breaking point explain your reasoning? Yes, everyone has their limits as nobody can take anything and everything especially at high extremes. Sooner or later everything breaks. Let me put it this way, diamonds are the hardest material or at least one of them, even they can crack under enough pressure. If you keep piling on something on a person eventually they can’t take anymore and how they crack all depends on who they are.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No, I believe in lust at first sight. Lust becomes mistaken for love at first sight when, after the lust stage subsides, the two people are fortunate enough to have a deeper connection than physical.

If you’re partying, do you drink? NO! If I drink, it means I’m stupid—drinking can damage my brain, and it can make me vomiting in front of many people! hehe

If you buy someone drinks all night do you expect sex at the end? Maybe.

If your house caught on fire, what would you try to save? Diploma, The diploma does not counter the other, but other things can be bought.

If someone asked you to describe your family, what would you say? My family is wonderful… They are very much supportive…They are my inspirations in life…They always attend to my necessities, But most of all…They are my life! :-)

If you could have any incredible mental or physical ability what would it be? Ability to bend reality and emotions to my will.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be? I always wish for unending happiness, good health and long life for every member of my family.

If you could ask God a question about ‘Anything’ what would you ask him? I don’t ask anything, I want to say that. Thank you for giving me a lot of blessing, for guiding and supporting me…

If I could describe myself in one word, it would be:  “LOVING” because I have a nurturing, positive, and heartfelt attitude and tendencies when dealing with others.

If I could change one thing about me, it would be: “NOTHING” because I am proud of who I am today. My past actions, experiences, and lessons learned have made me who I am today.

If I had a whole day to myself, —>I would spend time with my family.

If you were a channel, you’d be: Disney: lovable, huggable, and full of princesses waiting to be rescued.

If you were a drink you’d be: Water

If you were a color you’d be: Pink

Suddenly you can talk to animals. What animal would you talk to, and about what? I want to talk bird and ask how it feels to fly and soar up in the sky.

What is your ultimate ambition? To travel around the world.

IF I could give young people advice about dealing with their problems, I would say: “get on your knees, humble yourself and pray about it”.

IF you would have the power to become “MOTHER EARTH”, what would you want to be restored to you and why? I’d like to preserve the purity and serenity of the earth and to bring back the way nature looks decades ago with clean fresh air and luscious greenery. I’d like to restore fresh water which has been highly degraded by abusive acts of men.

As an educator, whom do you look up to? Why? Christ. He is the greatest teacher. He must be the model of all teachers.

What is your passion in life? Putting all efforts in my life. To be truthful at all times.

What can you say about some “PASAWAY” friends, family, or other people? You know, I’m a very positive person, an optimistic person. These things bring good things. Sometimes it is an opportunity for growth. It is a window to improve somebody else. God should always be the inspiration in the way we manage things.

Could you please acquaint us with your managing skill? I have to be who I am. I cannot aspire of what I do not have. If I know what I have, I know what to give. I am not perfect (I am) a limited person. I need people to help me. (If we fail) we should accept mistakes for us to grow. We should be humble. If you commit mistakes, it takes it (sic) as a step to opportunity.

Do you flare up sometimes? What makes you flare up? Very rare, because first, I want to remove from my vocabulary the word “anger”. But it’s not possible. I’m just a human (being). I do flare up when things don’t fall according to truth.

Can you Exit on a long and winding road? I can… in time. For now, I would like to walk and take my journey.

If you gave away a kiss, what would you want to have in return? I don’t give away kisses „ they are earned „ if someone gets one from me. It usually means they have already given me something deserving of it.

Do you believe that there is a SOMEONE out there for EVERYONE? If so then when will my SOMEONE arrive? YES I do believe this but you still have to get out into big wide world to find this person, he won’t fall out the sky

If I gave you 100,000 to buy a Christmas gift for your self… What would you buy? That is for me. Giving to others is the best gift I can get myself.

Do you believe in second chances after one has been unfaithful? Never. I’m not sure that trust can ever be rebuilt.

Life is full of ups and downs….please explain? Life is full of bad and good times….happiness and sadness…

What you do when u feel bored…? I always have something to do.

Can you wait for Dec 21, 2012? What do you think is going to happen?!!!

Is the world really going to end on December 21 2012? Only God knows.

What’s your #1 rule in life? My #1 rule for life is to give and receive as much love as possible. That just about takes care of everything.

What is easier for you: to lie or tell the truth? It is always easier to tell the truth, even if there are consequences that go with it. Telling a lie leads to telling another one. After one lie is discovered you can never be trusted again.

If you had to pick the 2 most important factors for a successful relationship what would they be? Honesty and communication

Are you afraid of ghosts? My heart will undoubtedly pound as loud as a drumbeat were am envisioning a lady in white long dress, wearing unmanaged hair and her feet hanging above the ground.

Do you like the name your parents give you? I think it fits me, so yes I do like it.

Who has been the kindest to you in life? Family

What do you think is the sexiest part of you body? My chest. Because it protects my heart.

If you could have another name what would you choose & why? Stacy from Latin word.

Would you rather be rich or healthy? Healthy

Would you rather be good looking or rich? Rich

Do you believe in the death penalty? Why or why not? I don’t believe…

Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence? Super intelligence

Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds? Power to read minds

If someone drops a $20 bill, would you pick it up and take it or give it back to the person who dropped it? Give it back to the person. That $20 might be very important to them.

Why is it when a guy/girl shows interest in a girl/guy they lose interest completely? Well it could be they just want sex?

What’s best, an outgoing girl/guy, shy girl/guy, or a girl/guy with social problems? Why? Context, context, context

What does a guy mean when they say you're my best girl? Wouldn’t believe it. Guys like to traverse --- it's their nature. You "might" his "best girl" now --- but who's waiting behind curtain number two? The test of time is whether this is indeed true. Time. Because only time tells.

What’s your best pick up line? I like you, do you like me too?

Do you smile at strangers? Yes I always smile even if I am sad.

It's 4 in the morning and your phone rings....who do you expect it to be? I don't know what it is, but it's probably not good.

What is your hair color? Black

Top three uses of lips? Kissing, Eating, and Drinking. 

What your present state of mind? Very Excited.

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Spacing out. Hahaha


What is the best thing to do after eating lunch? I like sleeping :-(

Do you enjoy being scared? Aka haunted houses, Halloween.. etc? Yes, I love scary stuff.

What’s important to know before starting a non-profit organization? Have clear and concise mission statement.

If you had nothing and everything to live for what would you do? I can't answer. I feel the opposite. I have everything I NEED (hey,I'm alive).I do not feel like I have anything to live for.

What’s the best way to make yourself sleepy? Sometimes reading, listening to calming music, etc.

Is there anything in life more important to you than friends and family? What is it? My soul and My health.

What's more important family or partner? I think both are equally important. It's important that your family and partner feel the same way.

How can you tell that he/she is 'the one’? That should be the winning one.

Is it bad for health that lay down after a meal? For some people yes, it can cause acid reflux in some people; but other than that I do not think it is bad. It certainly is better to take a walk though after eating.

If we were to live in a parallel universe and you had to live your two lives then what kinds of lives would you choose? I love my environment and I would want to enjoy and contribute towards it. At the same time, I would want to live that double life. A very risky sporty life and also the relaxed modest life.

How many hours of sleep do you need per night to be functional in the morning? At least 7 hours!


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