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  IN MY OWN WORDS 1 06/16/2019 11:17am (UTC)

Words/Expression:  Echusera, Duh! , Weh!

Motto: Use friendliness but do not use your friends.

Personal Anthem: Someday My Prince Will Come

   Because: every girl dreams of meeting the man of her prayers and live life happily ever after….

Personal mantra: In everything I do, Id like to be able to say to myself;

             “I’m glad I did rather than I wish I had”.

FAVORITE COLORS: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange.

FAVORITE FILIPINO FOODS: Adobo, tinola, Kare-kare, Dinuguan, Paksiw na litson, Menudo, Kaldereta, Putserong dalag, Eskabetseng makaw, Eskabetseng alimango, Alimango na may mayonaise, Camaron rebusado, Adobong hipon, Relyenong pusit, Tortilyang tulya, Chop suey, Putsero, Kilawing puso ng saging, Bulanlang, Pinakbet, Chickenjoy, Laing, Biya na niluto sa gata, Tortilyang corned beef: ( Spaghetti, Palabok, Pancit canton, Bilo-bilo, Puto bumbong, Tamales, Espasol, Okoy, Maruyang saging, Nilupak na saging, halo-halo, Hotcake, Mamon) 

FAVORITE FILIPINO SINGERS: Sarah g. Toni g. Sam m, Kim c., Kc c. Kyla, Regine v. Jolina m. Yeng c. Willie r. Charice p. Eric s. Bea a. Sam c. Kitchie n. Ogie a. Piolo p. Juris. Princess. Aiza.

FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL SINGERS: Craig david, Christina aguilera, Akon, Alicia keys, Avril lavigne, Beyonce, Babyface, Black eyed peas, Neyo, Fm static, Taylor swift, Bruno mars, Justin bieber, Lady gaga, Pussycat doll, Kesha, Paramore, Katy perry, Monica, Hans, Florida, Coclee, R kelly, Jamie foxx, Miley cyrus, Shakira, M2M, Britney Spears, Richard Marx, Pink.

FAVORITE GROUP SINGERS: A1, Westlife, Backstreet Boys.

FAVORITE DANCERS: Giger Boys, Sexbomb.

FAVORITE MUSICS: Lazy song, Billionaire, Listen, The climb, pyramid, Alone, Think of Laura, Mad, Baby, Ill be alright, so Sick, Friends Forever, All star, Tonight…& Songs from my favorite Singers.

FAVORITE FILIPINO MOVIES: All Filipino Movies…… I Like it. I’m Proud…..ok!

FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL MOVIES: Edward hand scissor, 2012, Couples right, 500 summer days, Youth of Revolt, Marmuduke, The jerk Theory, Dear John, Halloween1&2, I love you BETH COOPER, District 13 Ultimatum, I Know what u did last summer, Christmas card, second Married?, Piranha, 101 Dalmatians, Anaconda, Boy in a club, Black Fighter, Prom, The Fighter, KingKong (might Joe), Benji the Hunter, Garfield.

FAVORITE CELEBRITIES: Sarah G, FPJ, Jolina M, Anne Curtis, Toni G, Barbie, Antoinette T. Jake V, Marvin A, Ai-ai D, Kim Chui, Sam M, Rayver C, Angelica P, Camille P, John P, Aga M, Bea A, Shaina M, James R, Ryan B, Fritzie, Annli, Vice G, Mariel R, Willie R, Gerald A, Joyce H, G-Toengi, Heart E, Marian R, Diether O, Richard G, KC C, Sharon C, Ryan A, Judy ann, Gladys R, Agot I, Vic s, Joey D, Serena D, Maja S, Andi E, Bong R. Ic M, Richard G, Marian R, Sharon C, Bianca D, Rica P, John E, Randy S, Colleen G, Vhong N, Robi D, Claudine B, Empress S, Pamu, Wendy, Iwa M, Karen, Kit, Dingdong D, Dolphy.

FAVORITE ANCHORS: Ted Failon, Cheryl Cosim, Bernadette Sembrano, Tulfo Brothers, Korina Sanchez, Noli de Castro, Jessica Soho, Karen Davilla.

FAVORITE FRUITS: Balimbing(star fruit), Dalandan(juicy fruit), Siniguelas(plum fruit), Suha(pomelo), Duhat(Black Berry), Pineapple, Orange, Jackfruit, Banana, Santol, Tamarin, Guava, Alatiris, Durian, Rambutan, Mangga-mango, Grapes, Lansones, Lychee, Atis(sweet sop).

FAVORITE SUBJECTS: English, Science.

FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTERS: Tweety Bird, Tazmania, Sponge bob, Pooh, Hello Kitty.

FAVORITE TEACHERS: Dr. Barros, Dr. Llamas, Sir Baesa, Ma’am Ocampo and Dr. Herrera (I like dean MUTYA)

FAVORITE MAGAZINES: YES Mag, BuZZ Mag, Star studio Mag, Candy Mag, FHM.

FAVORITE DJ’s RADIO? DJ ChaCha- MOR 101.9 for Life and DJ Chico Loco- 101.1 Yes FM.

What do you do when you’re angry? I keep my feelings to myself.

Who is your celebrity crush? John Prats, Alfred Vargas and Sam milby.

What is friend for you? Friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you. There are always right there when you call and most especially they share, not expecting a thing in return.

What is family for you? Family is there for you when you when fall, they care for you, when you are down, which is when you need it the most.

Are you a bad influence on your friends? Of course not.

You are telling your friends a story. What is it about? Interesting stories!

What do you consider yourself to be? Smart and happy how I am (Brainy)

When do you usually call your lover? I don’t have a lover, OK! And If I have one, I’ll call him when I want to date someone!

What’s your element? Wind

Are you a caution? Yes, a caution to your question.

Who do you want to sleep with? I prefer to sleep alone. Like always.

Who do you hate more? Me or you? I can’t think of anything to hate about you. I definitely don’t hate me. Mind if I choose “neither”?

Are you ready for another new year? Yes, pretty much. I’m not sure if it will be a good year yet, but I will remain hopeful.

What do you have to do to go Hell? There is no hell in the afterlife we generally create it here by being unkind, judge mental, unforgiving, punitive and sanctimonious.

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Reading Books.

Why does everything work out for everyone but me? It does not… you have it no less worse than any one of us

What will make you happy? Having the world put to right once and for all.

Drama, action, horror, romance or comedy? What’s your ultimate favorite? Romance

What did love cost you? My life and a healthy heart beat…

What’s your life story in 3 words? Born, Suffer, Die.

What are the top three qualities you look for in a friend? Trust, Loyalty, Love

What wild animal are you scared of? Snake, Frog and Rat.

What do you really like doing outside? Shopping & Going something interesting.

What do you do when people tease you? I don’t care… I think they’re envious.

What do you love people to say to you? Simple, but ambitious.

What is the yummiest food that you have ever tasted? Pizza.

What would you buy if you had a lot of money? Car, House, Dress.

What do you think are the keys to a lasting relationship? Trust.

What is your idea of a good first date? Intimate nice but public place with music (not loud) so we can talk, know each other better and see where it all goes. Hehe

What word are totally you? This life is so tough and hard. But I will be stronger.

What animal do you like? I love all animals, except (rat, frog and snake)

What would you do with your date? Talking to know each other.

What qualities do you look for in a partner? Attitude

What would you and your ideal partner do in your free time? Travel and Shopping.

What is your first thought when you hear the word “Angel”? A person with a really good heart.

What is on the top of your life? To help my family, improve my skills and find a right job.

With whom you live? Friends, family or alone? Family

Why are people so freaked stupid? Because sometimes being stupid is better then thinking it’s funnier and it get us happier =)

Why do most guys allow a woman to win?  It’s those guys that won’t admit the woman actually did win.

What’s the nicest thing anyone did for you? Trusting me.

What does your profile say about you? It just talks about what type of person I am.

When have you cried a lot? Since when I already know that I have Halitosis-Bad Breath

When did you feel that nobody loved you? Everyday I feel that nobody love me. 

When you were younger, what was one of your favorite toys? Hello kitty

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? I would choose to travel & visit first the wonders my own country, the Philippines…next the other country.

Who would you like to be nicer? I think my soul mate.

Do you have children? No

Do you want children? How many? Yes, 3

Do you smoke? No

Do you drink? Yes, water & juice, but beer or wine… not!

Do you like happy or sad endings? Every one likes happy endings nobody wants to be sad in the end.

Do you answer the phone while on the toilet? Yes, and I call people while sitting on the toilet. Sometimes, they ask me what in the hell was that noise? I tell them that I am at the zoo standing in front of the Lion cage. Joke only.

Do you live in the moment? That’s the only way to live

Do you think people change after getting married? People can’t stop changing - a big thing like marriage is unlikely not to change a person - for better or worse


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