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  I WANT 06/16/2019 11:16am (UTC)



Big Dreams/Goal this is the one that I wish to fulfill my own dreams, I just want to be rich, I want to be one of those rich people, I don’t want to be poor anymore, I just want to feel the luxury of splendid living. I want to have money and fame, I want to have everything. Aside from this; I want to have a big house and car to go somewhere in Philippines. I want to be a Millionaire/Billionaire; I want to help other people in calamity like Typhoon, Mudslide, Earthquake and Burning Houses; with no something to return. I want to have a Business like Poultry_Agriculture, Resort, Hotel, Restaurant, Computer Shop, and Grocery for my Parents, and I will share my blessing in my Sisters and Brothers. I want to fulfill all this as a totally my parents to be proud of me with no regret…!



ARTIST>>>When I grow up’ I want to be an artist not artist in paintings_ artist in showbiz someday, but it’s hard because I don’t know how to be a artist, but now I know that in any network/TV will announce someone willing to  be part of industry and be a an actress/actor. As some point, someone will discover and go in any audition central to become a star, I want to be an artist here in Philippines at the same time in other country; if someone will discover me, one of the reason is to help my family and other people’. But if someone will discover me… I accept, that is opportunity.


JOBS> I want to have a stable job here in Philippines or Abroad (any country)… I want to experience how to become one of the Office staff, Manager, Supervisor, Secretary, HR, Receptionist, Sales Coordinator, Registrar Staff in School, Customer Service Representative, Teacher in abroad, Admin Assistant, Data Encoder, Researcher, Blogger+Writer in Website and Magazine…and I want to work in any station in TV Network here in my country Philippines, any TV station I want to work at any position. I know that will start from the lower to the highest part of job-position. I do my best and I will share my knowledge and you will surprise of what knowledge I have. If someone doesn’t believe me, I don’t care. My Previous Work is Cashier (year 2010 in Enchanted Kingdom) and (Ttech_ year 2013), so I’m looking for a new one to develop my skills and establish my Goal; any of this position the important is to have stable job here in Philippines and Abroad!



Year 2014>>>> I know in myself that I’m a big traveler person here in Philippines, 2014 or 2015 I want to go to the United Kingdom or Other Country to work there. I want to be rich and I want to have a stable job in Abroad, here in Philippines it’s Okay too.


Year 2017-2018>>>>I want to adopt 2 or 3 Children from other country; my mother know that I want to adopt babies. I want to become a good mother for them. I would love to adopt your baby I promise that I will love your child unconditionally and that he or she will always know that you placed him or her out of love. You will be spoken of in our home with great respect. We are open to sharing letters, pictures and e-mails. We are also open to other arrangements once we have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. I would be willing to bring the child up in a Church environment every Sunday. I was brought up in a Catholic environment. I am open to any baby or babies no matter the race/sex of the child/children. I’m prepared to adopt internationally??? I’m very very sure decision. If someone lives here in the Philippines but he/she lives true in other country but you will want to give your baby. Feel free to contact me and visit my website. Read OFFICIAL EMAIL ADD here in my site. Thank You.


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