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  HAPPIEST MOMENT 06/16/2019 11:40am (UTC)



Christmas is a good time for my family, especially children about values like love, compassion, giving and sharing. My family Christmas is the best kind of Christmas and we had a good one, Our Family life can never be perfect there are squabbles and fights, misunderstandings and problems. Every opportunity to bond with our family and make the most of our relations, and Christmas, no doubt, provides us with the best opportunity for bonding with our family.

Talking about New Year, I think almost everyone should be making their list of resolutions in their head. Some even had it on paper and pasted somewhere…well, somewhere not easily seen I bet. Honestly, I think making resolutions is one BIG step and a very good thing, but the real challenge lies in realizing them, right?! So, be strong everyone! And all the best for the year 2013. I’m actually making my tiny steps into realizing one of my resolutions - which is to work harder for this blog! So expect more from my sites! Alright Love y’all! And Have fun while you’re on the site! And do remember to feel free to drop by any comments, contributions and suggestions all year long. Thank you. Here’s the truth my New Year Resolution – Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money.



It's my Graduation Day. I am excited to finally be walking for College Graduation on April 08, 2010. I can never believe that I came so far. I look at my mother and see how proud she is of me now. My heart is filled with emotions I can never explain. Graduation is a day to feel happy and proud. All my hard work has finally paid off. I have graduated and am totally proud of it. All these years, I saw the world through the window, now it is time to step out on my own. Now my eyes are on the future. Looking back, it was all worth it.       I have finally graduated. Looking forward to a wonderful future! A brand new start, A new beginning, A new life, I will make it a successful one. I’m happy that I have just finished however am sad and I really miss my days in college. Tears of joy, a Diploma in my hand, the feeling of pride, the sense of satisfaction. I want to publicly thank all those who believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself.




Finally, I gave refrigerator for my grandfather’ which is my gift to him when he celebrates his 82th birthday. He’s very happy and touching that finally I gave the things that I promise to him last 2012…When I go there I stay for one week last year 2012, Me and my Cousin go at a field, and he invite me to go in the river and he catch a many fishes… he cook fish with mango, after that my grandfather buy a mineral water for me and I touch a lot. My grandfather cook a banana for merienda, He gave me a peanut, mango, onion when the time I go home. This is the one of my happiest moment in my life that I will never forget. I LOVE MY GRANDFATHER.


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