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  ALAGANG KAPATID TV5 06/16/2019 11:35am (UTC)



ALAGANG KAPATID TV5 is the only one program that will help me to, about my condition….I’m very Thankful to Sir Edwin and Ma’am Roj for accompany me in the hospital. June 3, 2011 is it time to go to the hospital at CALAMBA MEDICAL CENTER I have met the doctor of GASTROENTEROLOGY the doctor said that no problem with my intestine after my endoscopy, Similarly, Halitosis can be caused by respiratory tract infections, such as throat, lung, and sinus infections, in a cold and cough generated this is a common problem. I have met ENT doctor in CALAMBA MEDICAL CENTER I told him I was too embarrassed to bluntly say I have Halitosis’ he started for consultation about my problem, after the consultation we need to go at the X-Ray room to knowing if I have a problem on my EARS, NOSE, THROAT in short it called (ENT) the X-RAY findings is that I have a sinusitis on my nose; The doctor give a medical prescription of what medicine I can take for 1 week, but I have a medicine also for my intestine because; I have scratches with my intestine couf Ulcer that’s why sometimes my stomach ache is like a boiling water. All my medicine’s is from Hospital. I pray every day to get better. I returned after 1 week to the CALAMBA MEDICAL CENTER for my consultation of ENT and GASTROENTEROLOGY doctors; the doctor of my GASTROENTEROLOGY say that; you will need to eat a proper food not with garlic, spicy food or even a onion food and be eat on time and brush your teeth and tongue scraper, after that I’ll go to the ENT doctor and he told me that I will take again in medicine for 1 week, after to take this; I’ll returned after 2 weeks for consultation and new X-ray but the findings of my last X-ray is no improvement my sinusitis is not lost its like my first X-RAY and ENT doctor decide that I’m need to surgery for operation for be a better; I text sir Edwin about that, I want to ask to help me; but he’s not reply. I know he is very busy. I don’t want to be too much hassle. A months ago he called me and he say that_ they will continue to help me, after 3 months’ he text me, he says that go to PAMANA MEDICAL CENTER and look for INTERNAL MEDICINE Doctor ‘we talk about my pimples and not in my condition, the doctor say that don’t eat with oily foods and drink at least 8 glass of water, I text Sir Edwin_ I said this doctor is not ENT doctor what this doctor know about nose????? He reply…. What? Okay... after 4 days’ we moved at ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER I checked there to ENT doctor; Doctor put endoscopy in my nose to 'check, he said that I have bronchitis and Coughs, Colds and Sinus Infections’ and white thick in my nose and he see a tumor inside my nose. For him_ I need to take 2weeks medication and possibility I need a surgery because of my tumor in my nose, the doctor said that to me so’ I was shock to hear that, my tears will fall down and I want to cry loud after 1 week of waiting. The ENT doctor at ASIAN HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER helped me and they took me there, so he did an endoscopy of my nose. The Findings: The frontal sinuses are hypoplastic. There is mild degree of mucoperiosteal thickening in the ethmoid sinuses, left greater than right. There is extensive opacification of the left maxillary sinus with partial obstruction of the left osteomeatal complex, white and thick and sticky nasal mucus drainage; and he saw the polyp should not be removed or no surgery is necessary but the polyp is the one problem of halitosis it grow if did not to remove’ and he say that “you take a medicine if still no improvement and we decide if you need a surgery” and that is a cold and cough generated; the ENT doctor say that;. So it’s same with the ENT doctor in ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST HOSPITAL. He gave me a medical prescription this medicine is ANTI-BACTERIAL and NASAL SPRAY, makes it worst, now that I think about it started when I used that product, The ENT Doctor of ASIAN HOSPITAL told me about nasal sprays; Purchase a Nasal Irrigator and make the saline solution by using a glass of water, a teaspoon of table salt, and a teaspoon of regular baking soda. After while, you will need to spit out the clear snot that will be coming out your nose and mouth. I guess it's best to do this morning and evening; 2 sprays for each nostrils. Hopefully this will help you too’ said my doctor. It’s been 2 weeks for having this, but there seem to be no improvement. My Halitosis is not lost, I smell it every day I clean my nose and every day I brush my teeth… I think it’s from at back of my tongue near in my throat and not on my teeth., I have a lot of white in my tongue so I use tongue scraper but suddenly it’s come back again for being white till now. After this I returned again to ASIAN HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER the ENT doctor say in that case you need a CT scan. The best way to identify a sinus infection is with a CT scan. A CT scan will also identify if any of the openings that drain your sinuses are blocked. CT SCAN could find anything that would cause an odor; after this I’ll text to Sir Edwin about what doctor wants for me, I need CT SCAN. But he didn’t text to me about that. 3 days ago he called me on my cell phone, he say that; wait for his called again about that for CT scan! I wait for 1 week, 1 month but he didn’t text or call.  They’re not continuing to help me for CT scan. It’s okay??? I understand…. Thank you for helping me… I will never ever forget this experience. I LOVE YOU ALAGANG KAPATID TV5….!




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